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Based on the definition provided in CICC's By-law 2021-2, an "Agent" refers to an individual or company operating outside of Canada representing a licensee in advancing the licensee's practice or soliciting or facilitating business related to the licensee's practice.

Please be advised that, as of today, we do not have any agents affiliated with the CICC authorized to act on our behalf in any country. All official communications and interactions with clients are conducted exclusively through the following channels:

- Email:
- WhatsApp: +1-647-535-0010 (main line, monitored by Rodrigo or another contractor).
- Direct contact with an employee or contractor presented by Rodrigo Coelho, RCIC.

Our employees or contractors might contact clients using these other lines:

+1 (647) 572-6406: operated by Bruna Almeida.

+55 84 93300-5042: operated by a contractor.

+55 84 92001-8881: operated by a contractor.

We strongly encourage clients to use these official channels for all inquiries and communications to ensure authenticity and security. If you are contacted by any individual or entity claiming to represent us outside of these channels, please verify their identity by contacting us directly through the above means. Your trust and safety are paramount to us, and we appreciate your adherence to these guidelines.

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